Meticulous Roofing Mastery Unveiled

Meticulous Roofing Mastery Unveiled

From protective setup to precision installation, discover the artistry and expertise that define each phase of our roofing journey.
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Protective Setup

Our dedicated team parks our company-owned dump trailers on your property, safeguarding it from the start. No third-party rentals here.

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Thorough Property Covering

We meticulously tarp around your property, from decks to flower beds, shielding them from debris.

– 03

Expert Removal and Assessment

We remove your old roof, assessing the decking condition. Any damage is resolved using metal flashing or plywood, tailored to your needs.

– 04

Eave Enhancement

Installing anti-rust paint drip edges ensures a solid foundation for your new roof.

– 05

Premium Ice and Water Shield

We provide superior protection by applying a self-adhesive SBS-based ice and water shield membrane to your eaves and roof valleys.

We also wrap every single roof openings, including vents, plumbing flashings, fan exhausts, chimneys and skylights etc. with ice and water shield.

– 06

Advanced Underlayment

We enhance your roof's durability and prevent staple penetrations by using shingle manufacturer-recommended synthetic underlayment, covering the entire roof for added protection.

– 07

Strategic Valley Protection

Our anti-rust paint W metal flashing secures your roof valley, addressing vulnerability with a permanent solution.

– 08

Dual Layer Protection

A second layer of metal drip edges are installed to the lower end of each valley flashing, ensuring no water intrusion.

– 09

Starter Installation

We begin with shingle manufacturer-recommended starters, setting the foundation for your new roof.

– 10

Optimized Ventilation

Using your roof's specifications, including size, slope, and orientation, we expertly design optimal vent positions.

Compare the estimates you've received against our comprehensive standards spanning steps 1 to 10. Many contractors may cut corners, but not us. As for your shingles, 80% of our work is already on the roof. This sets D Masters Roofing apart from the competition.
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Shingle Excellence

We exclusively use top-tier shingles, like Owens Corning Duration with SureNail technology. We nail with precision, ensuring 5-6 nails in the nailing zone for lasting strength against winds up to 130 mph (209 km/h).

– 12

Thorough Roof Openings

Roof openings are carefully managed. Upper and side flashing are enveloped with Ice and Water protection. Exposed lower flashing is securely fastened using industrial-grade waterproof screws.

– 13

Capping with Quality

For the finishing touch, we use manufacturer-recommended hip and ridge shingles to cap your roof, ensuring a polished appearance.

– 14

Meticulous Cleanup

Our commitment extends to cleaning services. We leave no trace behind, meticulously cleaning your gutter, roof, grounds, driveway, and even your neighbors' yards. We deploy magnets to pick up any stray nails, and if our roofing nails damage your tires, we cover the repair costs.

Our Efficient Roofing Journey

Elevate Your Roofing Journey

Unleash the Roofing Ninja Excellence with D Masters Roofing. Just as a ninja wields precision, our team of roofing artisans is dedicated to crafting perfection for your home.
Experience a roofing journey like no other – one that combines the agility of a ninja with the strength of premium materials and a commitment to protection.
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